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How to get more matches in Amnesia: Rebirth

If players don’t know how to get more matches in Amnesia: Rebirth, they’re likely to go insane. The small flame of a match is often the only light source in pitch blackness, so collecting and preserving matches is important. Here are some Amnesia: Rebirth tips and tricks to help with finding and saving matches on PC and PS4.

How do you get more matches in Amnesia: Rebirth?

How to get more matches in Amnesia: Rebirth

Players familiar with the Amnesia series are already aware that spending time in the dark isn’t ideal. In past games, the sanity meter would drain, and, similarly, the protagonist’s fear rises while exploring unlit areas in Amnesia: Rebirth. With no newfangled flashlights to speak of,  collecting and savoring matches is the only way to create light.

To get more matches in Amnesia: Rebirth, players need to scour surfaces quickly and efficiently. Stopping to find matchboxes is a must, though often users aren’t afforded the time to do so at leisure — be that because a struck match is burning out, or because there’s a monster on their tail. Another way to keep hold of matches is by maximizing the light they output; using a lit match to light candles and torches in the environment, for example. These persistent light sources, and especially the portable lantern, are far more productive than striking multiple matches in succession.

Of course, it’s also possible to turn up the Amnesia: Rebirth gamma setting. Although it might be considered “cheating” by some, increasing the brightness allows payers to see more clearly in the dark. This can help with locating more matches or potentially even make them redundant.

Horror fans have been waiting for years to see the Amnesia series make its return, matchsticks and all. The reboot launched on PC and PS4, but will there be Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions?

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