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Is Amnesia: Rebirth a remake, remaster, or sequel?

Amnesia: Rebirth‘s title can cause confusion, as “rebirth” could be interpreted as the new game being a remake or remaster of the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent. “Rebirth” could also point towards a sequel for a past character, with them becoming reborn following terrifying events. Here’s the definitive answer to “Is Amnesia: Rebirth a remake?”

Is Amnesia: Rebirth a remake?

Is Amnesia Rebirth a remake?

With it being 10 years since The Dark Descent launched, it’s reasonable to think that Amnesia: Rebirth could be a remake. While the first Amnesia game helped put Frictional Games’ name out there, it has a number of gameplay elements that haven’t aged particularly well. A remake could help solve that.

Instead of being a remake, Amnesia: Rebirth is a fresh experience, exploring new characters in a new setting and with new monsters.

Though it isn’t a remake of The Dark DescentAmnesia: Rebirth does implement many of the original game’s mechanics, though they have been improved in many ways.

Is Amnesia: Rebirth a remaster?

Amnesia: Rebirth is not a remaster. Instead, it is a fresh experience that makes use of the expertise gained by the developer over the past 10 years.

Though players may see elements from past games, which have been tweaked and improved, Rebirth is very much a new experience that isn’t explicitly linked to other titles.

Is Amnesia: Rebirth a sequel?

No, Amnesia: Rebirth is not a sequel to The Dark Descent. It does not continue the story of the original game. Rather, it is a new story with new characters in a new place populated by new monsters.

While Amnesia: Rebirth may use similar gameplay mechanics to The Dark Descent, with the developer aiming to build on what made that original game so terrifying, it’s not a direct sequel.

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