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Rocket League 1.85 Update Patch Notes | Haunted Hallows event

The Rocket League 1.85 update patch notes bring forth a slew of changes for the new free-to-play game. The Haunted Hallows Halloween event makes a return, letting players earn certain spooky gear. This includes some Ghostbusters-branded items as well. There are also a few small changes to the core game, too.

Rocket League 1.85 Update Patch Notes | Haunted Hallows start and end date

Rocket League 1.85 Update Patch Notes | Haunted Hallows event

The Haunted Hallows event start date is October 20 at 9 AM PT and will stretch to November 2 at 6 pm PT. This event will include challenges, limited-time modes, and a bunch of themed items. Completing challenges will net you a few pieces of gear like Ghostbusters Wheels, Slimer Topper, Mood Slime Boost, and more. Do all the challenges to get the whole Ghostbusters set. Remember that you can earn Golden Pumpkins as the special event currency.

The two limited-time modes are Haunted Heatseeker and Spike Rush. Both are like the normal non-spooky modes but take place on Halloween-themed maps. The former starts on October 20 and the latter starts on October 26.

Rocket League 1.85 Update Patch Notes | Blueprints and various changes

While the Halloween stuff is the focus, this update also has a few new things as well. Blueprints from Season 1 will now drop after online matches. Time limits have been removed from Tournament Finals. Some of the colors on the premium and free challenge are also different.

Full Rocket League 1.85 update patch notes



  • Season 1 Series Blueprints are now available as drops after online matches



  • Changed behavior of the Leave Tournament button

    • Once a teammate votes to leave during a match, the ‘Leave Tournament’ button will turn red

    • At the end of a match, the Leave Tournament button will not be usable until you reach the post-match screen. Disabling the button during the podium, progression, and drop screens will ensure you do not leave the tournament early enough to receive a temporary Tournament Ban

  • Removed time limit on Tournament Finals Series


  • Adjusted coloring on Free and Premium Challenges



  • [Xbox One] Fixed the bloom intensity on several different Wheels

  • Corrected stat tracking for double demolitions

  • Fixed trade status of several non-Common items

  • Bots joining a match in progress will use Boost as normal

  • Fixed several bugs preventing Challenges Menu navigation and Challenge claiming

  • Removed shading covering scoreboard during goal replays

  • Fixed a bug causing another player’s Accolades to show on the post-match screen