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Doom Eternal 1.08 Update Patch Notes | The Ancient Gods DLC

The Doom Eternal 1.08 update patch notes are not just any other patch notes that tweak some settings. Instead, it adds support for The Ancient Gods, the game’s first premium DLC add-on. But what else does this update bring?

Doom Eternal 1.08 Update Patch Notes | The Ancient Gods DLC

Doom Eternal 1.08 Update Patch Notes | The Ancient Gods DLC

October 20 marks the release date for the first episode of The Ancient Gods DLC. This follows the Doom Slayer past the main campaign where he has to go up against a whole new slew of enemies. Id has not spoken about when the second episode will be dropping.

The DLC also adds skins, seven new trophies/achievements, and a new type of rune called support runes. There are three in this DLC that can help you out like sending out a concussive blast when you shoot a weak point. Finding all the secret encounters in a level also rewards you with a skin. Speaking of skins, players also get the new Makyr Slayer skin as part of the season pass or DLC.

Doom Eternal 1.08 Update Patch Notes | Battlemode update

Slayers now don’t have the microwave mod for the Plasma Rifle or the Destroyer Blade mod for the Ballista. Invites can now be done on a system level and id promises that the network will perform better. There are also a ton of bug fixes and a tease of the next event for Thanksgiving.

Full Doom Eternal 1.08 update patch notes

New Features for The Ancient Gods – Part One for ALL platforms

Three New DOOM Eternal Campaign Maps (requires purchase of The Ancient Gods – Part One or the Year One Pass)

  • UAC Atlantica
  • Blood Swamps
  • The Holt

Maykr Slayer Master Collection

Behold the Maykr Slayer! This absolute unit is instantly unlocked upon purchase of The Ancient Gods – Part One or the Year One Pass and like all Master Collections, is loaded with progressibles like a slick podium, new podium animations, alternate skins, icons and player badges. For more info on how to progress through Master Collections click here.

New Support Runes Support Runes are a new Rune variant that have a unique slot. There are three Support Runes that you can find hidden in the world or are awarded after a Slayer Gate.

Desperate Punch – Blood Punch does double damage when your health is 75 or less

Take Back – When a demon causes an Extra Life to activate, it can be killed within a short time to gain the Extra Life back

Break Blast – Destroying a Weak Point generates a concussive blast

Exclusive Deluxe Slayer skins in each level

Exploration has never been more rewarding. If you can find and complete all of the Secret Encounters in each new level, you can unlock awesome new Slayer skins.

Deluxe Slayer Skins include:

  • Industrial Espionage
  • Wetland Warrior
  • Blood Slayer

New Milestones means New Rewards

The Ancient Gods – Part One has a whole new set of spicy milestone challenges, which when completed, grant cool gear like unique icons, player badges, menu backgrounds and even a gold plated Maykr Slayer skin for completing the new expansion campaign on Ultra Nightmare.

Known Issues – ALL platforms

  • Game may crash after skipping the Facility Destruction cinematic after the Marauder fight in UAC Atlantica. Do not skip this cutscene to avoid this issue. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Entering water immediately after a checkpoint save can generate a bad state if the player exits the game before reaching another checkpoint. Avoid closing the game while in water if possible. The player’s weapons will disappear if the game is forcibly closed in this unusual situation.
  • In rare situations the player can remain swimming when getting out of the water. Walk back into and mantle out of the water to fix.

DOOM Eternal: Update 3 Patch Notes

Update 3 is the free base game patch available now that accompanies the release of DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 1.

General Updates – for ALL platforms

Text and Voice Chat Prohibition system

  • Players who are reported by others for toxic language in voice or text chat will be notified that they are blocked from using those features
  • Report toxic players herePlease provide screenshots and or videos when possible.

General Updates – for PC Only

Automated crash dump generation

  • PC crashes dumps will automatically write to the following folder: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\id Software\DOOMEternal\Crash Dumps
  • Visit this link for crash report and dump file upload instructions

THANKSGIBBING Event Coming Soon!

New Events are on the Horizon! Update 3 brings support for more in-game events such as our upcoming THANKSGIBBING event, featuring awesome unlockables we think you’ll gobble-gobble up like the Cultist Marauder Master Collection!

New BATTLEMODE Updates for ALL platforms

  • Players can now invite other players through platform interfaces
  • Removed Ballista Destroyer Blade Mod and Plasma Rifle Microwave Mod from the Slayer’s inventory in BATTLEMODE
  • Optimized loot drops (ammo/health) for better network performance
  • Additional performance optimizations to improve network latency

New BATTLEMODE Updates for Console Only



  • Direct Damage Increased from 14 to 18



  • Ability duration decreased from 6s to 5s


  • Ability cooldown has been decreased from 15s to 13s

BATTLEMODE Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue causing the Super Shotgun to do more damage to a Demon player’s armored ability than intended
  • Fixed an issue preventing Demonic Onslaught from increasing the Marauder’s shotgun damage
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sticky Bombs to unreliably attach and explode to enemies in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Shield Soldiers to spawn with their shields detached
  • Fixed a movement bug that caused Carcass and Cacodemon attacks to move the Slayer in the wrong direction
  • Fixed a bug where the Demon Player HUD only displayed the first two digits of the cooldown timer for instant resurrect and team heal
  • Fixed an issue where Cacodemons sometimes failed to drop health when killed
  • Fixed an Arachnotron issue resulting in the Arachnotron’s turret occasionally failing to destroy when shot with the Precision Bolt, Sticky Bomb or Ballista
  • Fixed animations in 1st person for when Demon players execute a ledge grab immediately after taking damage
  • Fixed a bug causing demon players to not receive their 4th round upgrade until the next round in some situations

BATTLEMODE Fixes for PC Only

  • Fixed an issue where the Slayer’s speed in BATTLEMODE increased based on framerate
  • Fixed a bug causing Lock-on rockets to not properly display damage feedback for demon players
  • Fixed aim assist for Marauders to not be affected by framerate
  • Fixed Revenant dash to not be affected by framerate
  • Fixed an issue where weapon tracers would appear to pass through the Archvile’s flame wall
  • Fixed Slayer’s weapon remaining in place when being killed mid-weapon swap
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a metallic sound to loop indefinitely during matches on Torment

Known Issues – ALL platforms


  • Master Levels are not accessible via the Fortress of DOOM terminal. Until a fix is implemented, you can access Master Levels from the Main Menu/Campaign/Master Level interface.
  • In rare cases, you may encounter player camera issues when reloading a checkpoint from the Pause Menu. Until a fix is implemented, you will need to reload a save or restart the level to resolve this issue.
  • Backing out of a Party while playing the campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty causes the Party Tab in the Social menu to lose functionality. Until a fix is implemented, exiting, and reloading the campaign at a different difficulty will resolve the issue.
  • Reloading a checkpoint or exiting to the Main Menu shortly after unlocking Fast Travel for any level may result in Fast Travel becoming unavailable. Until a fix is implemented, avoid using Fast Travel until you have completed a level entirely.


  • The “Extinction Level Slayer” and “Aggressive Transfusion” Milestones can only be completed in Campaign. This will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  • Resetting customized Demon controls to Default only resets the Archvile controls. Until a fix is implemented, you’ll need to manually reset custom controls for all other Demons.
  • In very rare circumstances, when loading into BATTLEMODE matches users will spawn outside the gameplay arena. Restart the game to resolve this issue.
  • Kicking a player from a BATTLEMODE match and then disconnecting can result in the player’s podium being replaced by the podium of the player who was kicked. Exit the lobby to resolve this issue.
  • In rare circumstances, BATTLEMODE parties can end up in a bad state, presenting party members with repeating error messages. This issue can be resolved by recreating the party.
  • After a matchmaking failure, BATTLEMODE menu options can appear as inaccessible in certain circumstances. Restart the title to regain access to all menu options.

BATTLEMODE Known Issues – Xbox One Only

  • Xbox One players may encounter the social menu appearing in front of the BATTLEMODE lobby menu when loading into a private match. This issue will self-resolve.