Will there be a Snapchat Spectacles 4 release date?

Is there a Snapchat Spectacles 4 release date? Following on from its previous three Spectacles releases, fans of the product have been left wondering if there will be a fourth generation of the 3D-filming glasses or not. Here’s everything there is to know about Spectacles 4 for Snapchat, including when such a product could release around the world.

Is there a Snapchat Spectacles 4 release date?

Snapchat Spectacles 4

Snapchat Spectacles 4 will more-than-likely not release in 2020, despite the fact that it has now been a year since Spectacles 3 released around the world. There has not been a Snapchat Spectacles fourth-generation announcement and, as of writing, it is now the end of October 2020.

A 2021 release date for Snapchat Spectacles 4 is simple to suggest. It is merely a guess at this point, though. We’ve based it on when previous iterations of the smartglasses released. Typically, new Spectacles from Snapchat release every 18 months or so. The same could happen with Spectacles 4.

The previous Snapchat Spectacles initial release dates were as follows:

  • First-generation: November 10, 2016
  • Second-generation: April 26, 2018
    • Two new versions of Spectacles 2 released in September 2018
  • Third-generation: November 2019

It would not be a surprise, therefore, if Spectacles 4 are to release in April 2021. As it is now October 2020, however, and there is still no announcement, the release date could fall later than that.

Are Spectacles 4 coming out?

Snapchat Spectacles 4

It is unclear if Spectacles 4 are actively in development without an official announcement. It’s safe to argue, however, that with the ongoing pandemic, any kind of development for Spectacles 4 could have been delayed. Releasing an expensive product such as this (that promotes going outside, too) during the pandemic could be seen as insensitive as well. It would not be surprising to hear that the release and/or development of the product has been delayed.

Without any solid sales data for the latest generation of Spectacles, though, it is unclear if the product-line will continue. The best news here that can be garnered for fans of the device, though, is that Snapchat is “not looking for massive sales” (via TechCrunch) for Spectacles. Given that sales of the product seem immaterial for the company suggests a fourth-generation could release in the future. As of writing, though, this is all conjecture and guess-work. Of course, this guide will be updated when and if new information is revealed.

There has been no confirmation of Spectacles 4, let alone a release date. If the Spectacles 4 release date is April-June 2021 (as guessed above), though, expect to see it announced soon. Keep those eyes peeled for an official announcement. Hopefully, Snapchat lets its Spectacles wearers in on details on the fourth-generation sooner rather than later.

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