How to change profile theme on Xbox (2020)

Looking to learn how to change profile theme on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S? Not to be confused with Home Screen backgrounds, the new Xbox profile themes allow users to customize their profile page. Here’s how to set a profile theme on any Xbox console.

How to change profile theme on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S

How to change profile theme on Xbox

Profile themes have been available to some Xbox Insiders since August; recently, however, the October 2020 Xbox system update made profile backgrounds available to everybody. When set, the new custom profile images appear in the background of a player’s profile page. They’re a great way for users to show off their personality or even which next-gen console they prefer, courtesy of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S profile themes.

Here’s how to change profile themes on Xbox:

  1. Boot up the Xbox console and press the Xbox button on a connected controller.
  2. From the Guide menu, navigate to the “Profile & System” tab.
  3. Select the profile card (first option), then “My profile” from the list.
  4. Select “Customize profile” and navigate to the “Change theme” option.

In order to see the final step in action, check out the below video from Xbox R&D Program Manager, Catarina Macedo.

There are several different Xbox profile themes, many of which are generic, while others relate specifically to Xbox. As well as the aforementioned Xbox Series S and Series X profile themes, there’s an Xbox Game Pass theme and backgrounds relating to popular game franchises. These include Forza Motorsport, Gears of War, Minecraft, Halo, and Sea of Thieves.

After setting a new Xbox profile background, it might be worth removing any custom Home Screen background too. Users that have one set are missing out on a cool new feature of the October update.

Anybody still wondering whether to upgrade their Xbox One for a next-generation machine might want to check out the new Xbox Series X and S controller features, along with the enhancements coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection.