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Genshin Impact Liyue Local Specialties | List and locations

There are a lot of quests to complete in Genshin Impact, from story quests to challenges and even daily or weekly missions. Players who opt to unlock the Battle Pass can find missions to gain EXP and earn increasing amounts of rewards. However, they’ll need to complete certain objectives to claim those rewards, including one to collect 100 Liyue Local Specialties. What are these items, and where can they be found? Check out our list featured below.

All Liyue Local Specialties in Genshin Impact

All Liyue Local Specialties in Genshin Impact

There are eight different Liyue Local Specialties in Genshin Impact:

  • Cor Lapis
  • Glaze Lily
  • Jueyun Chili
  • Noctilucous Jade
  • Qingxin
  • Silk Flower
  • Starconch
  • Violetgrass

As you might expect, each of these items can be found somewhere around Liyue. While most are simple enough to find, others are a bit more rare. Altogether, you’ll need to collect 100 of each. It’s no small task, so we’ll break down where each of these Liyue Local Specialties can be found including specific areas to search.

Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis is a gold-colored mineral typically found inside caves, around mines, or adjacent to rocky outcroppings such as mountains. A great place to find them is around the peaks of Mt. Hulao, west of Qinyun Peak. There are 18 to be found at Mt. Hulao alone, with even more to be found in the rocky region south of Jueyun Karst.

Glaze Lily

Glaze Lily is a small blueish flower that grows in two very specific regions: Qingce Village to the north and Liyue Harbor to the south. For most players, Qingce Village will be the easiest place to find them. Seven can be found on the village peninsula itself, while 12 more are located due north of the village. There are also about 14 more to be found in Liyue Harbor, particularly around Yujing Terrace.

Jueyun Chili

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations map

Like with Glaze Lily, Jueyun Chili can be found around Qingce Village. There are four within the village itself, and another two on the small island heading to the north. There are also loads of these peppers around Qingyun Peak to the west, particularly around the river’s edge. Be on the lookout for red peppers with a splayed bottom side. If you need specific details, be sure to check out our guide to discover more Jueyun Chili locations.

Noctilucous Jade

Players will have likely encountered Noctilucous Jade during the Big Business quest. These are among the rarest Liyue Local Specialties, with only around 18 to be found across the world map. They’re found most densely around Mingyun Village to the south, with four more atop Mt. Tianheng due west of Liyue Harbor. Search the rocky areas for a glimmering blue gemstone.


Qingxin is a small, pale, and partially translucent flower that typically grows on top of mountains. As such, they can be found in abundance in the areas around Qingyun Peak. Three are on the mountain itself, while eight more can be found on the path from Qingyun Peak to Huaguang Stone Forest. The final four are grouped together on the last island on the path. If you’re just looking for a few, up to six can be found in the rocky region immediately east of Qingce Village.

Silk Flower

Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations map

One of the most difficult Liyue Local Specialties to collect is the Silk Flower. These are rare, with only around 14 or so total spread across the map. However, unlike the other rare specialties, these are quite easy to find. Seven of them are on the road south of Dihua Marsh, directly outside Wangshu Inn. Seven more can be found around the western borders of Liyue Harbor near Yujing Terrace. Look for the reddish flower with a round bulb.


Starconch is perhaps the rarest of all Liyue Local Specialties. Nearly all of them can be found on the small patch of islands east of Northland Bank. In case you haven’t been there before, this area is known as Guyun Stone Forest. Specifically, they’re located on the westernmost islands. Luckily, they’re easy to spot: Look for striped blue conch shells with a white star in the middle.


Violetgrass is a very common item around Liyue, taking the appearance of a dropping flower with elongated purple bulbs. However, they’re not really densely grouped anywhere save for the outskirts of Mingyun Village. Up to 20 can be found in this area, specifically around the southern cliffs. Several groupings can be found on the path from Qingyun Peak to Huaguang Stone Forest, typically in bunches of two to four. There are also four more to be found on the southern cliff facings north of Liyue Harbor.