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Ghostrunner Mission List | How many levels are there?

Ghostrunner might be a speedrunner’s dream, but the fast-paced gameplay is still spread over many different levels. Those levels have different settings, both in the real world and in the Cybervoid. It can be tough to keep track of how many missions have been completed, and how many remain. Thankfully, this Ghostrunner mission list guide has the need-to-know on how many levels there are.

All Ghostrunner Missions List

ghostrunner mission list

There are a total of 17 missions in Ghostrunner. These vary in length, with some only taking a handful of minutes to sprint through, while others can last 20+ minutes. Every Ghostrunner mission is detailed below in name only, meaning there won’t be any story spoilers.

Here are all 17 levels in Ghostrunner:

  1. An Awakening
  2. A look inside
  3. The Climb
  4. Jacked up
  5. Breath in
  6. Road to Amida
  7. Run-up
  8. The Gatekeeper
  9. Dharma City
  10. Echoes
  11. Faster
  12. In her own image
  13. The Forbidden Zone
  14. Reign in hell
  15. Things you wouldn’t believe
  16. The Summit
  17. The Monster

Players can replay any level using the Level Select option in the main menu. This allows players to try to get quicker times and/or fewer deaths, as those stats do appear on each mission’s end screen.

How long to beat Ghostrunner?

Though the large number of missions may cause players to think that this is a long game, Ghostrunner should take around 6-8 hours to beat.

The urge to replay after completion is strong, however, so factor in additional time to revisit the earlier levels with new skills unlocked.

With a 4.5/5, it’s clear that Ghostrunner impressed in the Game Revolution review. Find out why it scored so highly here.

The game’s reveal trailer is well worth a watch for a throwback to the footage that started all of this cyborg-ninja hype. As did the limited-time demo that was available for a week in May.