Box art - Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

The Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution might come as a surprise for those who just thought they were going to wall-running for the entirety of the game. It doesn’t exactly look like a puzzle game, after all, and that’s not the best thing about it. Regardless, one of the early puzzles revolves around Tetris-like blocks. Here’s how to solve the block puzzle in Ghostrunner.

How to solve the Tetris puzzle in Ghostrunner

There are three blocks and touching the glowing, rotating versions of the blocks on the sides moves those corresponding blocks. Players need to match the blocks to their indentations on the floor. It’s not too difficult but can be easy to lose track of what needs to be done. Just remember not to go too quickly as the blocks need time to move first before the other blocks can be moved.

Touch the T-block

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

The T-block with three “fingers” is the first block that needs pressing.

Touch the two-piece block

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

This isn’t technically a Tetris piece since it is only two blocks, but go over to its hologram and touch it. That short piece should move.

Touch the T-block again

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

Now go back to the T-block again. Move that one again so touch its spinning hologram.

Touch the L-block

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

This isn’t technically a Tetris piece since it only has three blocks. Anyway, go touch the L-shaped block and the whole thing should snap into place.

Jump in the hole

Ghostrunner Tetris puzzle solution

Once the puzzle has been solved, jump into the void that the big puzzle blocks opened up. There will be a safe area players can leap to. Once that’s done, proceed to the next section and get the first ability, Blink. This allows players to slice through enemies and bullets but requires Focus by killing enemies first.