Box art - Vainglory

Vainglory Characters

Taka - is an assassin so keep that in mind when a fight breaks out. He is vulnerable to hard crowd controls. Save stuns, silences, and slows on him immediately after he uses his flip and your team will have a good shot at killing him.

Joule - as a weapn for her focus on damage (Sorrowblade) and critical strike (Tyrant’s Monocle). And max Thunder Strike as much as you can. If building crystal then grab Eve of Harvest and go tanky, or get Frostburn and go damage and cooldown. When playing against her just don't go too far in Lane unless you know where Joule is. Surprise from behind is her thing.

Krul - his most-common combo involves running from the brush with Shadows Empower Me, activating Dead Man’s Rush to reach a high-value target and basic attacking to build up stacks for a Spectral Smite finish. If the hero runs, throw your sword to keep them in range.

SAW - he's incredibly deadly at full Spin Up. It can also wipe out entire minion waves and Petal’s pets.

Petal - use his range since basic attack is longer than most enemies, giving you an advantage in lane.

Glaive - best tactic is to rocket past an enemy hero with Afterburn to knock them back toward your allies and turrets.

Koshka - his thing is to place scout traps near jungle camps since this grants vision, allowing Koshka to pounce across walls for clutch escapes.

Adagio - his energy recharges on fire when attacked so if you manage to attack and keep things flaminf you're good to go. Keep in mind that Catherine’s stun or Koshka’s ultimate can cancel Adagio’s ultimate during the channeling period.

Ringo - use Achilles Shot and Twirling Silver abilities immediately after firing a basic attack to maximize damage output. However if you get locked down and cut off you're done. Koshka and Catherine can nullify Ringo with abilities.

Catherine - Blast Tremor followed by Merciless Pursuit is an amazing initiation combo as long as the whole team dives in at the same time. If you battle her avoid using abilities on Catherine while her Stormguard barrier is up.