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Watch Dogs: Legion can’t recruit Operative fix

Building up DedSec’s forces is the name of the game in Watch Dogs: Legion, but sometimes Operatives can’t be recruited. Some payers are having trouble building a resistance movement due to stubborn holdouts, though, thankfully, not for much longer. Learn the Watch Dogs: Legion can’t recruit Operative fix in this guide for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

Why can’t I recruit this operative in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion can't recruit Operative fix

Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t feature a traditional protagonist, but instead asks players to build a team of DedSec resistance fighters that work together to take down Albion’s private security force. It can be frustrating, then, when a character can’t be recruited in Watch Dogs: Legion. While many NPCs are eager to join DedSec, others refuse to until the user discovers how to win them over.

If an Operative can’t be recruited in Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s because they dislike DedSec. In order to change their opinion, players must purchase the Deep Profiler Tech Upgrade for 25 Tech Points; with the upgrade purchased, the unattainable Operative can now join the team. In order to convince them, however, a recruitment mission must be successfully completed.

Luckily, this Watch Dogs: Legion can’t recruit an Operative easy fix just requires purchasing the right upgrade. Any players that aren’t too concerned about getting new recruits can safely spend their currency elsewhere, though Deep Profiler is a must for those that want to recruit the best Operatives as soon as possible.

Character recruitment played a large part in making Watch Dogs: Legion one to watch. Now that Ubisoft’s latest sequel is out, payers can aim to build the best team before multiplayer launches this December. Even users that avoid PvP could do with packing superior firepower, as friendly fire in co-op could lead to some trolling online.