Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op won’t be available on launch

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op won’t be available when the game launches next month. Players hoping to hop into London with their friends are going to have to wait several weeks before they can enjoy the Watch Dogs: Legion online experience — but it might be worth the wait.

The latest game in the Watch Dogs franchise has shown many promising new developments with its ambitious changes to playable characters. While this new game will feature the return of the first game’s iconic hero Aiden Pearce, the main focus will be on playing as ordinary people. Unfortunately, players will be going it alone until a post-launch patch arrives later in December 2020.

Why Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op will be worth the wait

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op pvp post-launch streets

The wait for Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op will surely be disappointing to some players, but it may well be worth the wait. Ubisoft has shown how delays can make a game much better in the long run. The robust set of new features being introduced for multiplayer will likely need a little more work to get them just right.

Watch Dogs: Legion online multiplayer will be somewhat similar to that of GTA Online, another game that delayed the launch of its multiplayer component until after the single-player launch. Up to four players can explore a futuristic London and enjoy side activities with one another. Players seeking more structured play can participate in new co-op missions for two to four players. Four-player Tactical Ops missions will require a greater level of teamwork for players who are seeking a more robust multiplayer challenge.

Bringing the entire open world of Watch Dogs: Legion to online multiplayer is sure to have its challenges for the developers, especially with four distinct game modes on the line. Spiderbot Arena — the first PVP game mode featuring a free-for-all deathmatch — will also likely require a fair amount of extra development work and balancing.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer and co-op will be arriving as a free update to the game on December 3, 2020. No additional multiplayer content has been announced just yet, but Ubisoft has plans for a lot of single-player content after launch; it wouldn’t be surprising to see online multiplayer get a little love, too. Players can experience Watch Dogs: Legion when it launches for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia on October 29, 2020.