Watch Dogs: Legion co-op multiplayer will let you kill other players

Watch Dogs: Legion co-op multiplayer will let you kill other players. It’s not yet clear if there will be friendly fire when it comes to the games guns, but it looks like a mistimed hack could result in the death of another player during a mission.

Players will get to enjoy Watch Dogs: Legion in a little over a week on current-gen systems. Unfortunately, the multiplayer system is going to be delayed by a few weeks. Despite this delay, Ubisoft has released a lengthy trailer showing a co-op mission in action — and one of the players appears to have killed another due to a poorly-aimed drone drop, potentially making the next Watch Dogs game rife for player-killing.

Does dying matter in Watch Dogs: Legion co-op multiplayer?

Watch Dogs Legion co-op multiplayer critically injured

The next Watch Dogs game will certainly have a PVP experience of sorts — the game’s versatile spiderbots will be used in Spiderbot Arena, the very first PvP mode to arrive for the game. Dying to other players in PVP matches is the norm, but the latest trailer shows that other players can kill you in Watch Dogs: Legion co-op multiplayer, too.

The Watch Dogs Legion: Classroom 101 Co-Op trailer shows a teacher detailing how co-op works in the game. A team of four (including the teacher) each pick a character to engage in a rescue mission where the team must save an operative from the Albion private military force. The mission starts off simply enough, but it quickly goes off the rails in comedic fashion and one of the four players gets pinned down by enemy gunfire.

This particular player asks the in-person group for help. As a consequence, the teacher decides to fly in on top of a drone and drop a crate on two incoming enemies. Unfortunately, it looks like the crate also falls on the player, seemingly killing him. A later scene shows two elderly operatives getting hit by a truck and subsequently being “critically injured,” with the game prompting the player to swap operatives.

Watch Dog: Legion’s robust operative system is an ambitious change from its predecessors that will also have some effects in multiplayer gameplay. An interview from earlier this month implies that players will go into Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer co-op with multiple operatives for a mission; if that’s the case, a felled player may just result in a temporary inconvenience. However, the apparent ability for other players to kill your operative means that trolls could potentially derail missions by targeting your operatives with drone drops — and it’s still not yet known if friendly fire will be enabled in this game, either. More details will likely be revealed when Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer debuts in December 2020.