Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ fix

Players may be looking for a Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ fix after trying out the streaming version of 505 Games’ surprise release. This issue may be confusing to gamers who are not used to cloud gaming, but it’s an entirely sensible warning that is easily fixed.

What is the Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ fix?

Control Nintendo Switch 'Connecting to Cloud Server' fix lobby

Nintendo made the surprising announcement that it was bringing Control Ultimate Edition to the Nintendo Switch, better Checkpoints and all. Strangely, this game wasn’t quite a standard release — instead, it’s listed as Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version on the Nintendo eShop — Nintendo has finally dived into cloud gaming despite Iwata’s earlier remarks criticizing it. Players can download a demo for free (and with no worries about upgrading from the Standard Edition); in it, players may experience the “Connecting to Cloud Server” message seen in the image above.

The Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ fix is simple: players have to wait for the game to get a connection to the servers. As this is a cloud game, not much of it is actually stored on the console; rather, the game is stored on a server and transmitted to the console over the Internet in realtime. Players are warned about this on the game’s Nintendo eShop page.

You can only download a free launcher application to test the game for a limited amount of time. This game uses cloud streaming technology, and you require a persistent high-speed internet connection to play the game. If your internet connection becomes unstable, the service will disconnect after a few minutes.

Please use the free launcher application to test the availability and quality of the service for your region.

A Nintendo Account is required to access the cloud service. To access the game after the free trial, this free launcher application and the purchasable Access Pass are required. Pricing can be found on the Nintendo eShop page for the Access Pass once the 5 minute trial has been successfully completed.

Players will likely encounter this message while playing the game’s free trial. If it continues to pop up, that may indicate that the player’s connection to the servers is not ideal — that means that this game might not be playable at that time. If the message pops up and does not go away, that means it can’t be played at all.

One important note on the Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ fix: It’s possible that the internet nternet connection may be fine but the game’s servers may be down or overloaded. If the game has worked fine for the player prior to seeing this message, they may simply have to wait for the servers to be fixed.