Control is finally getting better checkpoints

Sony revealed more about Control‘s next and likely final piece of DLC — AWE — in its most recent State of Play, which is coming to all platforms on August 27. And while players are likely excited for this Alan Wake crossover, some others might be just as stoked about the patch coming along with it. This update is going to address one of the game’s most prevalent problems: its checkpoints.

Communications Director Thomas Puha went on the PlayStation Blog to talk more about the expansion and spoke briefly about this update in question.

“We also have a free August update coming for all Control owners that brings along a new ability upgrade, additional usability options, and more checkpoints added to some of the trickier campaign missions,” he said.

He didn’t list what campaign missions will be lucky enough to receive additional Control Points, but hopefully it’ll be most of them, especially the ones with boss fights. Many reviews — including our own — praised the game immensely for its atmosphere, gameplay, and story, but all similarly criticized it for its lackluster checkpoints that were often spread too far apart. Dying usually meant you had to spend multiple minutes walking (or levitating) back to the spot where you met your end, slowing the pacing to a crawl.

All of these improvements and expansions will almost assuredly be a part of the PS5 and Xbox Series X ports coming sometime in the future. Remedy has still not given any details about these beefier versions and said info would be “coming at a later date.” Given how we haven’t heard anything since their announcement, it’s likely that they are coming sometime in 2021. Extra horsepower should theoretically address the game’s technical shortcomings on consoles, meaning that Remedy is truly on track to remedying Control’s two most annoying problems.