Control Nintendo Switch ‘The server is currently at capacity’ fix

Players may be looking for a Control Nintendo Switch ‘The server is currently at capacity’ fix after attempting to play the very first cloud gaming title on the platform. There is a way to resolve this issue with the Control Nintendo Switch – Cloud Version game, but it’s going to take a little patience.

What is the Control Nintendo Switch ‘The server is currently at capacity’ fix?

Control Nintendo Switch 'The server is currently at capacity' fix game start soon screen

Attempting to play the free trial of Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version may cause players to see a screen that states that “The server is currently at capacity” along with a queue and a cancel button. Players will be happy to hear that there is indeed a Control Nintendo Switch ‘The server is currently at capacity’ fix: patience.

Unfortunately, there is not much players can do to resolve this issue by themselves other than waiting. Cloud gaming uses servers to transmit the game in realtime to the player’s console over the Internet as we’ve seen with the launch of Project xCloud; this means that only a tiny part of the game is actually on the player’s console. The game gets transmitted piece by piece as it is played as noted on its eShop page, but there are not always enough servers available for people to play.

Players don’t have to start at this screen, though. It’s possible to go back to the home screen and browse through other content without the player losing their place in the queue. After a little waiting, the player will soon be able to enjoy Control Ultimate Edition along with the final expansion AWE and its powerful “Surge” grenade launcher weapon.

The queue should proceed at a steady pace if players are fortunate. A player should not have to wait too long, but this may depend on the size of the queue — if there are hundreds (or thousands) of gamers waiting to jump into Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version, the player may be in for a long wait. Don’t worry if the time on the demo has already run out once — players are afforded multiple opportunities to test out Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version. Unfortunately, there are only 2–3 opportunities to play the demo before it is permanently locked and it has to be purchased by the player.