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What is the Watch Dogs: Legion Deep Profiler?

TheWatch Dogs: Legion Deep Profiler is one of the game’s unique features. When recruiting NPCs, the Deep Profiler can give insight into what players need to do to win them over to Dedsec’s side. However, the profiler isn’t unlocked by default, and the game doesn’t emphasize just how important the tool is until later on.

Recruiting NPCs is one of the most engaging parts of the game. We’ll cover how to unlock the Deep Profiler below. We’ll also go over what the Deep Profiler does in Watch Dogs: Legion and the best ways to use it.

What is the Deep Profiler in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs legion Deep Profiler

One of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s most-touted features is its recruit system. The game allows players to recruit any NPC they see into DedSec. However, this isn’t an instantaneous process. Londoners are still wary of the hacker group. Almost all of them will require some sort of convincing to become Dedsec agents.

Some NPCs, ones with neutral or positive feelings towards Dedsec, can be spoken to outright. They’ll then present the player with a random mission to complete, after which they’ll join Dedsec.

Those hostile to Dedsec require more convincing, which is where the Deep Profiler comes into play. The profiler can be unlocked by spending 25 tech points and gives players a look into an NPC’s schedule. Since hostile NPCs won’t speak to a Dedsec agent at first, players need to study the NPC’s agenda for opportunities to help them out. This could be something as simple as hacking a rival coworker’s emails or as complex as a multi-part mission against the Kelly gang or Albion.

How to get Watch Dogs: Legion Deep Profiler

To get the Deep Profiler in Watch Dogs: Legion, you must purchase it from the Tech menu. This will give you access to the Deep Profiler immediately, and you won’t need to equip it in order to use it on potential recruits.

Using the Deep Profiler gives players some influence on what mission they want to choose to recruit an NPC. Simple ones like hacking a coworker will be preferable, especially since hostile NPCs typically require two missions to recruit. This is important because there is a limit to how many NPCs a player can recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion, and there’s no sense wasting time on one that might get replaced later on.

The Deep Profiler is essential in Watch Dogs” Legion for recruiting Albion or Kelly Gang NPCs. It is one of the first unlocks a player should go for. There’ll eventually be a point in the story where players must unlock it to proceed. Still, it’s available and valuable from the start of the game.