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Watch Dogs Legion Tower Hamlets Collect Evidence Guide

The collect evidence task in Tower Hamlets in Watch Dogs Legion requires players to enter Clan Kelley territory in Cemetary Park. The entire park is the domain of the Kelley Gang. Numerous members stand in the way of Dedsec and proof of Albion’s corruption. There are few ways to go about this task, but regardless of the path the player chooses, it’s not too hard since it’s located out in the open.

Getting to the evidence to collect it is the hardest part of the Tower Hamlet’s task in Watch Dogs Legion. Players can see from afar that it’s underground, but finding the route to it in the vast Cemetary Park is challenging.

How to collect evidence in Tower Hamlets in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Tower Hamlets Collect Evidence

There are a few recruits who make collecting the evidence in Tower Hamlets easier. The whole of Cemetary Park is a restricted area patrolled by the Clan Kelley gang. This means a good agent to infiltrate it would be a recruit with a Clan Kelley uniform. However, the park is open-air, making for easier movement and less chance to get cornered by an enemy. Additionally, a couple of handfuls of gang members are patrolling, but they’re spread out, which makes it easy to take them out one at a time.

I used a spy recruit to collect the evidence. They’re one of the few recruit types in Watch Dogs Legion to spawn with a silenced weapon as part of their personal gear, which is very effective in situations where players can face guards one at a time.

The evidence is located underground, and can be reached by heading to the statue in the middle of the park. Here, players will find both a Spiderbot spawner and a Spiderbot gate. Needless to say, players will need to use a Spiderbot to get to the evidence.

Use a Spiderbot to enter the Spiderbot gate. This leads to an underground area beneath the statue. The path to the evidence is linear, but there is one hazard. Players will come to a flooded point and will need to jump from floating board to floating board to get past it as Spiderbots short circuit when submerged.

The evidence can be found at the end of the tunnel. It’s a laptop which the Spiderbot can hack. Performing this action collects the evidence in Tower Hamlets and completes this task.