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Watch Dogs Legion Piccadilly Circus Disrupt Propaganda Guide

One of the tasks players must accomplish to foment rebellion in the City of Westminster in Watch Dogs Legion is to Disrupt Propaganda in Piccadilly Circus. To do so, players must change one of the pro-Albion billboards to display a pro-Dedsec message instead. However, the controls to do so are very high up, and there’s no obvious way to climb to them.

Disrupting propaganda in Westminster is one of the more puzzling defiance tasks in Watch Dogs Legion. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to solve once all the pieces become apparent. Additionally, players don’t need to recruit any particular NPCs to accomplish it.

How to disrupt propaganda in Westminster in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Piccadilly Circus Disrupt Propaganda Cargo Drone

Piccadilly Circus is a high-trafficked area, ripe for a Dedsec hit. For this task, players must access a server upon a rooftop to change a billboard. However, circling the block looking for scaffolding, a lift, or a ladder is a waste of time. This task must be accomplished entirely remotely.

The best place for players to stand to ensure they don’t run into an issue with hacking range is the sidewalk directly in front of the billboards. From here, they can look up and scan and see the first camera they need to hijack.

This will likely be the room containing the Spiderbot spawner. However, just ignore this for now. On the roof of the room containing the Spiderbot spawner is a drone landing pad. Hijack, any of the cameras overlooking it and use the pad to spawn a cargo drone.

When the cargo drone arrives, hijack it and use it to move the crate in the fenced-in portion of the roof. Players can drop this crate anywhere as it’s not needed to complete the task.

Now, use the Spiderbot spawner and take the bot through the Spiderbot gate onto the roof. Jump on the cone near the container and jump from it to the ground on the other side. Players will see that moving the crate with the cargo drone makes it possible to access a previously concealed vent entrance.

Head through the ventilation to find the room containing the server that controls the billboard. Hack it with the Spiderbot, and the disrupt propaganda task for Westminster in Watch Dogs Legion will be complete.