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Genshin Impact | How to increase friendship level

A big part of what makes Genshin Impact so charming is the world’s lore. Naturally, that lore also includes the stories and backgrounds for each of the game’s characters. If you want to learn more about them, you’ll need to know how to increase friendship level. After all, only best friends share their most personal tales. Here’s how to earn Companionship EXP and get to know more about your party members.

How to increase friendship level in Genshin Impact

How to increase friendship level in Genshin Impact

You can increase friendship levels in Genshin Impact by taking part in daily commissions, events, quests, and dungeons. These activities increase friendship by gaining Companionship EXP, which is given to all of the characters in your active party.

However, you can’t just go out and increase your friendship level right from the start. The option to become better friends with characters only unlocks after reaching Adventure Rank 12. Before then, other party members won’t open up to you.

Luckily, after you reach Adventure Rank 12, the sky is the limit. Companionship EXP will be earned by everyone in your party every time you complete a dungeon, participate in Daily Commissions, or partake in various timed events.

So why might you want to become better friends with your party members? That part is easy. Increasing the friendship level will gradually reveal more and more of the character’s background. While their individual pieces of lore don’t have much of an effect on the game, it does serve as a way to further round out the realm of Teyvat.

If you ever want to check your friendship level, you can do so on the main character screen. Look for the icon underneath the character’s stats. There you’ll find the Friendship gauge as well as a number detailing their individual friendship level.

In short, you can increase your friendship level by keeping your characters around during quests and dungeons. The option only unlocks after Adventure Rank 12, but otherwise, you’ll slowly become better friends through time and experience.