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Genshin Impact Companionship EXP | What does friendship do?

What does friendship do in Genshin Impact? Players gain Companionship EXP by completing various tasks, which then increases the friendship of characters in the current party. What is the purpose of friendship in Genshin Impact, though?

What does friendship do in Genshin Impact?

What does friendship do in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players can unlock different companions and assign them to their party. Characters like Razor and Fischl (who can equip some awesome bows) are unlocked via the gacha system. Since unlocking characters in Genshin Impact can require real money, though it is also possible to do so for free, many users quickly become attached to their companions. This is where the friendship system comes into play.

The Genshin Impact friendship mechanic allows players to learn more about their companions by unlocking character stories. By completing various tasks around the world, players will earn Companionship Experience. Companionship EXP is used to increase the user’s friendship level with characters in the current party. By gaining enough friendship with a companion, it’s possible to discover their full backstory. There are no gameplay benefits to maxing out friendship in Genshin Impact.

Tasks that reward Companionship EXP in Genshin Impact include completing Daily Commissions, random events, and dungeons. Anybody that wants to learn as much as possible about a range of characters should change up their party frequently, as Companionship Experience only applies to members of the current party. Keeping a companion with maxed friendship around could be counterproductive as a result.

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