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Genshin Impact Find the Treasure’s Location | How to complete Share Not Your Treasures quest

Knowing how to find the treasure’s location in Genshin Impact is the final step in completing the “Share Not Your Treasures” Quest. It’s a relatively long Quest to complete, with multiple steps, but once the location of the treasure is known, it should be simple enough to complete. Here’s the location of the hidden treasure in the Share Not Your Treasures Quest.

Where is the Genshin Impact find the treasure’s location on the map?

Genshin Impact find the treasure's location

To find the missing treasure’s location on the Genshin Impact map, players first must begin and complete the rest of the “Share Not Your Treasures” Quest. It should be an easy enough Quest to complete, despite its multiple steps.

Follow these steps to complete the “Share Not Your Treasures” Quest and find the buried treasure location:

  1. Defeat the Ruin Guard at the entrance of the Ruins just south of Guili Plains
  2. Read the Worn Letter to begin the “Share Not Your Treasures” Quest
  3. Light the Bonfire
    • The Bonfire location is just above the letter “L” at the end of “Luhua Pool” on the map screen
  4. Kill the enemies that appear upon lighting the Bonfire
  5. Read the Scribbled Notes that appear upon defeating the enemies
  6. Head to the “highest peak in Cuijue Slope
    • The Genshin Impact find the treasure’s location is in-between Cuijue Slope and Luhua Pool (look for the tallest mountain)
  7. Head to the Shovel and interact to “Dig” and complete the quest

Once players have found the buried treasure, the Quest is complete. The Quest rewards should be 250 Adventure Rank XP, 30,000 Mora (useful for some cash farming), 30 Primogem, a Lucky Dog’s Eagle Feather, and four Mystic Enhancement Ores.

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