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Watch Dogs Legion How to save | How do autosave and manual saves work?

There’s a lot to do in Watch Dogs Legion, so making sure it’s saved is something players will want to do. Unfortunately, the way autosaves and manual saves work in this game makes that easier said than done at times. This process will likely be improved in future patches, but saving in Watch Dogs Legion can be spotty at launch.

We’ll cover how Watch Dogs Legion‘s autosave system works below. We’ll also cover whether or not players can make manual saves.

How do autosaves work in Watch Dogs Legion?

From my experience, autosaves in Watch Dogs Legion are somewhat unpredictable. They do occur after players complete a main missions, side missions (like photographing evidence), or recruitment mission, but other than that; it’s a crapshoot.

I played the game on PC and routinely found that autosave often didn’t actually work despite the icon being present when quitting to the main menu. This is likely a bug, but if a player intends to exit the game, they should fast travel or complete a quick mission to ensure their progress is saved.

Unfortunately, since autosaves are unpredictable, players can lose some progress if the game crashes or they abruptly close it. Autosaves aren’t so infrequent that a lot of progress will be lost, but it’s something to be aware of.

Can players manually save in Watch Dogs Legion?

Unfortunately, there is no manual save functionality in Watch Dogs Legion. Players are entirely reliant on autosaves. There are some things that players can do to trigger an autosave on purpose, but it’s not a 100% thing.

Hopefully, manual saves will be added in a future update as it’s incredibly annoying to be unable to save at will. There’s no aspect to Watch Dogs Legion that makes save scumming advantageous, so I’m not sure why manual saves aren’t available. Perhaps there’s a technical limitation that’s not readily apparent preventing the feature from being present.