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Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Photographic Evidence Guide

To photograph evidence against Albion in Nine Elms, Watch Dogs Legion players have to infiltrate the Parcel Fox Distribution Centre. Unsurprisingly, Albion has also subjugated this company and uses them for their nefarious plans. This sprawling complex is difficult to navigate, which makes finding an entry point challenging. However, completing the Nine Elms photograph evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion is a lot easier when players take a bird’s eye look at the situation.

The Nine Elms photo evidence quest doesn’t require a special recruit, and any Dedsec member can take it on. The route we take does require two pieces of gear, but they’re easy to procure.

How to photograph evidence in Nine Elms in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Photographic Evidence Map

Trying to circle the Parcel Fox facility in Nine Elms is a waste of time. There are several entry points, but the quickest requires a cargo drone. This large flying robot can be summoned from drone pads or by recruits with the construction worker occupation.

To take our route in, ride a cargo drone into the fenced-in area near the building’s southwest corner. Usually, players would have to deactivate the door lock, but riding the drone in skips this step.

Once in the fenced-in area, head up the steps and begin taking out the patrolling guards. This can be done with traps, melee, guns, etc. Just make sure to keep it quiet; otherwise, security might be too overwhelming.

Once security is taken care of, enter the door at the top of the steps and head left. The corridor will open up into the Parcel Fox’s sorting system. Players must pilot a Spiderbot through the grate found in the middle of the conveyor belt, and follow the tunnel into the next room. However, care must be taken as there are forcefields that disable the Spiderbot that switch on and off throughout the passage.

Once players get into the next room, they can deactivate the door lock to the previous room by interacting with it. Now, the player can enter the room with the evidence. Simply face the map and take a photo of it to complete the Nine Elms photograph evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion.

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