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Watch Dogs Legion Lambeth Photographic Evidence Guide

The Lambeth photographic evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion will take players to Albion Station Kennington. As can be expected, the station is full of Albion agents that Dedsec agents will have to get past to obtain the photo. In fact, the station is so populated that even with a well-equipped character, it’s an intimidating prospect to attempt to enter it.

Fortunately, there’s a way to complete the Lambeth photo evidence mission in Watch Dogs Legion within sixty seconds of entering the building. This method is zero risk, but it takes some preparation to pull off.

How to complete the Lambeth Photo Evidence Task in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Lambeth Photographic Evidence

There are a few ways to approach entering Albion Station Kennington. The middle of the building is open-air, so players could approach using a cargo drone. A news drone could also potentially spot the screen that needs to be photographed from this area, but that’s really just a waste of time.

The easy way to complete this task depends on players having a recruit belonging to the Albion faction. If a player doesn’t have access to one, it’s worth taking a brief pause on this mission to recruit one. Having access to an Albion uniform in Watch Dogs Legion is immensely useful throughout the game. With an Albion uniform, players can enter the station without immediately triggering a response. However, there are a ton of Albion guards inside, which would generally make it very tricky, as they can still detect a Dedsec member at close range.

The secret to easily beating this side mission is to head to the station with an Albion-uniformed recruit. Then follow these steps:

  1. Fast travel to the subway stop closest to Albion Station Kennington.
  2. Find the nearby hackable lift and commandeer it.
  3. Drive the lift to the nearby railroad bridge and raise it to its full height.
  4. Jump from the lift to the railroad bridge.
  5. Run down the line and use the flatbed car to jump onto the boxcar.
  6. Jump from the first boxcar to the one parked near the scaffolding.
  7. Climb onto the scaffolding, then climb up to the outer deck of Albion Station Kennington.
  8. Enter the station through the nearby door, then ease up the steps.

It should be easy to find a vantage point to take a picture of the screen from the steps. Only one guard is patrolling that comes close enough to become suspicious, and they’re easily avoided.

Once the photo is taken and the mission is completed, players can exit through the door they used to enter the station.

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