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How to fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion

Wondering how to fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion? Fast traveling around London is a great time saver in the new Watch Dogs game. Thankfully, using the London Underground to get around quickly is simple; here’s how to catch a train in Watch Dogs: Legion on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

How do you fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion?

How to fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion

Although black cab taxis litter the streets in Watch Dogs: Legion, players must use the London underground to fast travel. Driving vehicles can feel a little bit loose and slippery, so taking the subway train makes traversal painless.

To fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion, players can either make their way to the London Underground or they can select one of the various Underground icons on their map to do so. Simply pick the Underground icon closest to your destination, and you will journey there as fast as the loading screen permits.

There are numerous subway train stations spread across London and marked on the map, all of which accommodate fast traveling. Catching a train costs nothing, so fast travel is free in Watch Dogs: Legion. There are enough London Underground stations to ensure that fast travel is the quickest way to travel in the game, even more so than hopping into one of the game’s many nippy vehicles.

Fortunately, players looking to upgrade from a current-gen to a next-gen version of Watch Dogs: Legion will find the process more convenient, as there’s cross-save within console families. Not only will the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions look better, but they’ll also help to cut down on the lengthy Watch Dogs: Legion load times when fast traveling.

Next-generation versions are due out in November, shortly before Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer launches in early December. Trolls rejoice, as friendly fire can be enabled in co-op sessions.