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Watch Dogs: Legion Long Loading Times Fix | How to speed up slow loading

Watch Dogs: Legion is available on both current and next-gen systems, running drastically different across each console and PC. One of the big differences is the long loading times on PS4 and Xbox One, when compared to the shorter loading times of SSD-equipped PCs and (presumably) the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Thankfully, those experiencing long load times on PS4 and Xbox One can speed them up a bit. Here’s why load times can be so slow and tips on how to speed them up.

Why are Watch Dogs: Legion loading times so long?

Watch Dogs Legion Long Loading Times Fix

Long loading times in Watch Dogs: Legion are common on PS4 and Xbox One hardware. Those using the stock or add-on hard drive will be limited to much slower speeds than those using an SSD.

The sheer scale of the world and number of random NPCs with detailed perks and personalities no doubt requires a lot of load time. For HDDs, that can cause a slowdown.

How to speed up Watch Dogs: Legion loading time

Watch Dogs Legion Long Loading Times Fix

To speed up loading times in Watch Dogs: Legion players can upgrade to an SSD. Even PS4 and Xbox One users will benefit from an SSD upgrade, though it will be relatively expensive when it comes to $ per GB.

The other option is to hold out until it’s time to switch to PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC, where the power of SSDs will grant faster loading times.

With its huge open world of London, Watch Dogs: Legion can be taxing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One systems. Those experiencing lag or stutter should try these troubleshooting tips for better performance.

New players will want to ensure they unlock these best Tech upgrades as soon as possible, to make any operative more effective in combat and stealth scenarios.

Prestige Operatives are arguably the best characters in the game, as they come equipped with some killer Perks and weapons. Unlock them early to take full advantage of their skills.

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