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Watch Dogs Legion Southwark Photographic Evidence Guide

To complete the Southwark photo evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion, players will have to pierce the security of City Hall, which has been extended to include a structure built into The Scoop amphitheater. This government building is crawling with Albion guards, and the objective players must photograph is located in a secured area. Fortunately, there is a back way into Southwark City Hall that makes completing this side quest a lot easier.

The optimal route to complete the Southward photograph evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion doesn’t require any special equipment. In fact, the player can eliminate most of the security standing between them and the screen they need to take a picture of without even stepping into the building.

How to complete the Southwark photo evidence task in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Southwark Photographic Evidence

The City Hall in Southwark can be found along the shore of the River Thames. This unique structure looks like a giant crystal helmet and is easy to spot from a distance. However, the evidence isn’t located in City Hall proper but in a satellite Albion outpost that’s accessed via the amphitheater next door. However, we’re going to completely ignore the front entrance in favor of a better route.

Players can use any Dedsec agent for this mission. The only required equipment is a Spiderbot.

The first order of business is to chain hijack cameras to the area containing the screen players must photograph for evidence. Players can use the electrical panel traps here to take out most of the patrolling guards.

Players must also use the camera over the main desk in the entrance area to download a key. This is easy since there’s a camera almost directly above the key.

Once the guards are taken care of, and the key is downloaded, it’s time to put the Spiderbot to work. Head to the edge of the river directly across from City Hall. There’s a tunnel here players can follow that leads to a back door to the Albion facility. The door is locked, but there’s a nearby Spiderbot tunnel that leads inside. Players just need to use the scan function to trace the line from the door to the control panel and use the Spiderbot to deactivate the lock.

Once the door is unlocked, players can just stride in and head to the room with the screen. There may be a guard or two left patrolling, but they’re easy to sneak up on. Just take a photo of the screen, and the mission will be complete.

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