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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to access restricted areas without hacking

Watch Dogs: Legion can be played as a stealthy hacker, or a trigger-happy maniac. Whether going loud or keeping DedSec’s antics on the down-low, players can access locked areas without the need to solve hacking puzzles. Here’s how to access restricted areas without hacking in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to gain entry to restricted areas without hacking in Watch Dogs: Legion

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The dystopian London found in Watch Dogs: Legion is packed with restricted areas. Albion keeps them under lock and key, so players must locate and hack Closed Circuit Terminals to gain entry. While doing so in person or via a Spider Bot is conventional, there are also other ways. Fortunately, these can be faster and more fun, as detailed below.

There are several ways to access restricted areas without hacking in Watch Dogs: Legion. Firstly, shooting a Closed Circuit Terminal will cause locked entry points to open as if they’d been hacked. For a slightly stealthier approach, however, make some noise and/or taunt a guard or staff member while standing just outside a locked location. Most often the NPC will rush over to investigate or pick a fight, opening the locked gate or door and granting access to the restricted area.

Riling NPCs up might make them hostile, but taking them out in melee combat should avoid tripping any alarms. As a result, getting into restricted areas with no hacks in Watch Dogs: Legion is a strategy that can be utilized under any playstyle. Whether the aim is to sneak around unseen or to shoot every last person inside a restricted area, provoking characters is a valid way to get inside.

Knowing these tips not only makes life easier, but it also makes Watch Dogs: Legion more varied and exciting; “One of the most enjoyable games of the year,” in fact.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer modes are due out in December. Unfortunately, there’s less fortunate news for anybody hoping to see a Steam release.