Box art - Watch Dogs: Legion

Is there a Watch Dogs: Legion Steam release date?

PC gamers are eager to hear some news regarding a Watch Dogs: Legion Steam release date. The new Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store (EGS) and Uplay, though, so far, no Steam version has been announced. Here’s the latest information on whether or not Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to Steam.

Is Watch Dogs: Legion coming to Steam?

Watch Dogs Legion Steam release date

The third Watch Dogs game takes the series in an exciting new direction, so it’s not surprising that Steam devotees want to see the threequel on their storefront of choice. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the series’ trademark hacking moves from North America to England — specifically the nation’s capital, London. Not only that, but there’s no defined protagonist; instead, players build a resistance force for DedSec by recruiting NPCs. Will Steam users be able to get in on the action via Valve’s PC gaming storefront, though?

There is no Watch Dogs: Legion Steam release date. Ubisoft no longer releases games on Steam, instead opting to support its own Uplay Store and the Epic Games Store. A Ubisoft spokesperson told GameSpot that this call was “a business decision” made in the company’s best interest.

It’s a similar story for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, which won’t be coming to Steam either. Although it’s disappointing for players invested in the Steam ecosystem, Ubisoft’s stance is likely to earn the company more PC gaming revenue in the long run. 100% of the proceeds from Uplay sales go to Ubisoft, while Epic Games take just a 12% cut of sales made on their third-party store. Meanwhile, Steam takes a substantial 30% cut from all sales.

Though straying away from Steam is almost out of the question for many PC gamers, Watch Dogs: Legion might just be enticing enough to encourage it. Game Revolution has previewed the game several times now, most recently concluding that it’s “worth watching out for.”