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Dragon Age: Inquisition [Inner Circle Quest – Iron Bull] Demands of the Qun (VIDEO)

Demands of the Qun​


In order to unlock this quest with Iron Bull your approval rating must be high, this will be apparent if Iron Bull has invited you to have a drink or two and sit down for drinks with the Chargers.  During conversations with Iron Bull you'll also have to have discussed Seheron.  Once you agree to help him, head back to the Storm Coast and the quest will trigger immediately upon your arrival before you can do anything else on the Storm Coast.​

GAMER NOTE: Bring Dorian along for unique dialog options!


OUTCOME 1: Protecting the Qunari Dreadnot 

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In doing this the Chargers will be left to die but the alliance with the Qunari will be preserved.  Iron Bull will be deeply saddened but he will still Greatly Approve because he understands their sacrifice was not in vein.


OUTCOME # 2: Saving the Chargers

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By saving the chargers the alliance with the Qunari will not happen but Iron Bull will be extremely happy.  He will also Greatly Approve of your actions and you'll get to witness a heartwarming reunion between him and his crew. 



DO NOT worry about losing Iron Bull's approval during this mission based on your actions he will Greatly Approve no matter what and a romance with Iron Bull will still be able to be accomplished after this mission is over.  The only major impact to the overall story is the state of the alliance with the Qunari and wether or not the Chargers are alive.  Go with your gut and choose based on whether or not you care more about political alliances or keeping the Chargers around as the Inquisition moves forward.