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Dragon Age: Inquisition [Inner Circle Quest – Dorian] Last Resort of Good Men (VIDEO)

Last Resort of Good Men 


GAMER NOTE: This quest will help establish a romantic relationship with Dorian only if you are playing as a Male Inquisitor.

After reaching Skyhold if you talk to Dorian in depth about his homeland and being a Tevinter Mage Mother Giselle will approach you in the main hall throne room.  

After speaking with Mother Giselle you have the choice to tell Dorian about what's going on before heading to Redcliffe or not tell him what's going.  

OPTION # 1: Telling Dorian What's Going On (Male Inquisitor) *ROMANCE*

OPTION #2: Not Telling Dorian What's Going On (Female Inquisitor) *NO ROMANCE*