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Dragon Age: Inquisition [Inner Circle Quest – Sera] The Verchiel March (VIDEO)

The Verchiel March 


After reaching Skyhold Sera will ask you to look into trouble in Verchiel and you will get a special operation at the War Table for it.  Once that is completed Sera will ask you to go to Verchiel with her to personally look into the matter.  Once you encounter the source of the problem you have several decisions to make, however if you take to long to question the guilty party, a noble prick named Harmond, Sera will get impatient and take matters into her own hands.

GAMER TIP: Make sure you have acquired the Nobility Knowledge perk in the Connections Perks skill tree at the War Table if you want to have all possible options available to you during this mission. The outcome of using this perk is displayed in the video below.


Even if Sera gets upset with your decision during this quest you will have the option to apologize to her in Skyhold if you want to regain her approval.  You also have the opportunity to dismiss her from the inquisition towards the end of the quest as well if you do not want her around.

Alternative # 1: Partnering with Harmond (Sera Leaves)

Alternative # 2: Letting Harmond Go

Alternative # 3: Sera Gets Impatient 

Alternative # 4: Letting Sera Kill Harmond (Sera Gets a Warning)