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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Outfit Guide

Outfit Guide

Admiral Outfit
  • A military uniform of a colonial admiral.
  • Requirement: Finish the Malacca fleet mission.

Arctic Explorer

  • A set of warm leather and fur clothes adapted to the Arctic Winter.
  • Requirement: 3 Narwhal tusks, 3 Polar Bear pelts

Assassin Outfit

  • A hooded Assassin coat worn by members of the Brotherhood.
  • Requirement to unlock: N/A (Default)

Captain Outfit

  • A military uniform of a colonial Captain.
  • Requirement: $12,000

Dark Assassin Outfit

  • A somber Assassin coat designed for stealth.
  • Requirement: $15,000

Explorer Outfit

  • A set of sturdy clothing for North American explorers.
  • Requirement: $3000

Frontiersman Outfit

  • A set of clothes and wide-brimmed hat of a typical North American frontiersman.
  • Requirement: 4 Black Bear pelts, 2 Black wolf pelts

Hunter Outfit

  • A set of leather and fur clothes for a North American big game hunter.
  • Requirement: 3 Arctic Wolf pelts, 2 Grey Wolf pelts

Interim Outfit

  • A well-maintained, no-nonsense coat. Unlocked by default.
  • Requirement: N/A (Default)

Native Armor

  • An elaborate armor inspired by North American Native design.
  • Requirement: Finish the Native Pillars quest.

Raider Outfit

  • The military uniform of a colonial raider.
  • Requirement: $5000

Sharpshooter Outfit

  • A light leather coat and wide-brimmed hat suited for sharpshooting.
  • Requirement: $10,000

Templar Outfit

  • A Templar uniform.
  • Requirement: N/A (Default)

Templar 11th Century Armor

  • A set of 11th century chainmail Templar armor.
  • Requirement: Finish the Templar Maps quest.

Templar Enforcer

  • A Templar enforcer uniform.
  • Requirement: Finish all the Assassin Interceptions.

Templar Master

  • A Templar Master uniform.
  • Requirement: Finish all Legendary battles.

Tracker Outfit

  • A coat used by Assassin trackers.
  • Requirement: $8000

Versailles Outfit

  • A set of fashionable clothes for the Versailles court.
  • Requirement: Beat the game

Viking Armor

  • A set of leather and fur Viking armor.
  • Requirement: Finish the Viking Sword quest.

Whaler Outfit

  • A set of clothes for a North Atlantic Whaler.
  • Requirement: 2 Killer Whale skins, 2 Shark skins