How big is the Xbox Series X?

A lot of fans have had a lot to say about the size of the Xbox Series X. Early images of the console resulted in comparisons to common household appliances, suggesting Microsoft’s latest piece of tech was enormous. Of course, those comments are little more than exaggerations. Still, how big is the Xbox Series X? Keep reading to learn the truth about the Series X size and dimensions.

How big is the Xbox Series X? | Size and dimensions

How big is the Xbox Series X? - Size and dimensions

The Xbox Series X is a big console, but it’s not huge. Standing upright, it measures 11.85 inches (301 mm) tall, 5.95 inches (151 mm) wide, and 5.95 inches (151 mm) deep in size. Its dimensions are effectively that of a cube with its height raised to double its own width.

When compared to Sony’s next-gen console, the XSX is rather modest in size. The dimensions of the PlayStation 5 show that it towers 3.5 inches higher and extends 4.29 inches deeper than Microsoft’s full-fat console.

Xbox Series X vs Series S size comparison

Naturally, those comparisons go down even further when compared to the Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s more budget-friendly console is 10.83 inches (275mm) tall, 2.5 inches (63.5mm) wide, and 5.95 inches (151mm) deep when standing. That means the S is shorter than the X by more than an inch, while coming in at the same depth and under half the overall width.

For another Xbox Series X size comparison, think back to the Nintendo GameCube. The XSX is just a little bit smaller than two GameCubes stacked atop one another.

Unlike the PlayStation 5, most players shouldn’t have trouble fitting the Series X into their entertainment space. This is especially true when turned on its side, where it only measures 5.95 inches tall by 11.85 inches wide. It should easily slide into most TV consoles or entertainment centers. As always, make sure to leave room for adequate ventilation — the Series X exhausts through the top of the unit, or the right-hand side when laid flat.