How big is the PS5 really?

Much ado was made about the size of the PlayStation 5 in the weeks leading up to its release. Renders made it look enormous, and fans’ suspicions were confirmed when Sony finally revealed the PS5 dimensions. With such a hefty body, it’s worth considering how the new hardware will fit into your home entertainment setup. How big is the PlayStation 5? Keep reading to find out.

How big is the PlayStation 5? | Size and dimensions

How big is the PlayStation 5? Size and dimensions

The PlayStation 5 is quite a big console. The PS5 measures 15.35 inches (390mm) tall, 4.09 inches (104mm) wide, and 10.24 inches (260mm) deep when standing. The PS5 Digital Edition is only slightly narrower at 3.62 inches (92mm) wide. It’s the largest of the next-gen consoles, and the biggest console Sony has ever produced.

When compared to the Xbox Series X, the PS5 stands 3.5 inches (89mm) taller and is 4.29 inches (109mm) deeper. That means its depth is nearly twice that of Microsoft’s console. Of course, it’s slightly narrower than the Series X, since the new full-featured Xbox is effectively an elongated cube.

Of course, when compared to the Xbox Series S, the PS5 seems even larger. The Series S is just 10.83 inches (275mm) tall, 2.5 inches wide (63.5mm) and 5.95 inches (151mm) deep when standing. That makes it around 4.5 inches shorter than the PS5, and close to half the PS5’s width and depth.

Needless to say, Sony’s latest console is one chunky unit. It’s so big that it will probably struggle to fit into your TV unit. Even if you turn it on its side, you’ll need to put it in a cabinet at least 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep. Thankfully, the system’s side-mounted fans draw air around the replaceable side panels, meaning it shouldn’t need much extra clearance for it to be able to cool itself. With that said, you’ll still need to make sure the cabinet has an open back so it has somewhere to vent the hot air.