how to use PS5 horizontal

How to use PS5 horizontal and on its side

Knowing how to use the PS5 in horizontal mode and on its side is great for those who lack the space to sit the console upright and vertical. Other consoles have it easy with being stood either vertically or horizontally, but the PS5 (thanks to its flamboyant design) requires some assembly to lie on its side. Here’s the need-to-know.

How to stand the PS5 horizontally

how to use PS5 horizontal

Thanks to its curvy and unique design, the PS5 cannot lie flat on its side without the use of the stand, which comes boxed with it the next-gen console. Players need to remove the stand from the console’s base and reattach it on the side for the horizontal mode. Follow the steps below to put the PS5 in horizontal mode.

  1. Grab a screwdriver.
  2. Remove the screw holding the base in place while the console is vertical.
  3. Place the removed screw into the compartment within the base so it does not get lost.
  4. Take the base off of the PS5.
  5. Use the plug (inside the base) to plug the hole left by the now removed screw.
  6. Twist the base around so the open compartment is now closed (keeping the removed screw from going missing).
  7. Attach the base onto the PS5 using the grooves in the faceplate. The grooves are placed next to a selection of PS controller button symbols.
  8. Stand the PS5 horizontally wherever it fits.

PS5 owners will need to follow the steps above every time a move from vertical to horizontal, or vice-versa, is needed. Remember to screw the base back in when standing it vertically again.

Using the PS5 on its side is a little complicated, but it isn’t a difficult process. The whole process, meanwhile, was mocked by Xbox. The Series X simply can be placed vertically or horizontally, without the need to get a screwdriver out.

The PS5 is a complicated console. It looks as though players must plug SSD expansions into the console upon removing its faceplates, too. At least all four sizes of SSD look to be supported. When the PS5 is placed horizontally, players can begin their next-gen adventures with the in-built Astro’s Playroom.

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