Box art - Top Gear: Extreme Parking

Top Gear: Extreme Parking iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Try other camera control views:

Its default setting is a behind-the-car perspective, indicated by the very bottom arrow.

The ^ with a circle around it is first person view.

The dot with the arrow pointing into it is a zoomed out top-down view.

The arrows around that one are angled perspectives.

For the Precision levels, you need to pass a certain amount of checkpoints and park at a designated spot. Patience and slow speeds are the name of the game here but keep an eye on that time thincking.

In Destruction levels you get to knock into everything in sight! Make sure the progress bar says 100% before you reach the end. If it doesn’t, you’ve missed an objects or two.

At The Stig levels Stig will race ahead of you and you need to keep up with him. Avoid the cones since hitting one causes you to lose 5 seconds off the clock! Reach the checkpoints fast enough to get time boosts.

Do not to crash into any objects as that will bring the run to an end!