Is there xResolver for PS4?

Xbox users can, unfortunately, fall victim to a malicious website called xResolver. As a result, PlayStation fans are wondering if they can also be affected while using the PS4 and PS5 online. So, is there xResolver for PS4? Is there an xResolver equivalent on PlayStation 5? Here’s the need-to-know to help with online safety while using PSN.

xResolver PlayStation | Is it on PS4 and PS5?

Is there xResolver for PS5?

xResolver allows Xbox Live users to search the Gamertag (username) of other online players and learn their IP address. That information is often then put to illegal use, mainly in the form of DDoS attacks. It’s an extreme reaction to losing that shouldn’t be leveraged, but, unfortunately, it often is by unsporting players from competitive communities. There are ways for Xbox players to protect themselves, but do PlayStation gamers need to worry about xResolver and/or similar websites?

There is no PlayStation equivalent to xResolver. Thankfully, PS4 and PS5 players aren’t at risk from xResolver or similar software. PSN users should still follow standard internet safety procedures to ensure their maintained online security, however.

PlayStation players can’t be targetted by xResolver, though there are still risks associated with Sony’s platforms. In general, there’s little to worry about, though always be mindful of things like PSN messaging scams. Additionally, try to avoid trash-talking online as this can provoke retaliation in some cases.

All in all, being sensible online is the best way to be safe; remember that and there should be no issues. That said, playing and talking with friends in online game sessions can also help users to stay out of trouble. Why not join the Game Revolution Discord and add a few new pals to the ol’ friends list?

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