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Bugsnax | How to catch the Caramel Poptick and what is the Caramel Goop

The Caramel Poptick in Bugsnax is identified by the appearance of Caramel Goop, which will appear in the Flavor Falls where it can be caught. But if you want to known how to catch the Caramel Poptick in Bugsnax, it will take more than identifying its location, as this is one of the trickier creatures in the game due to it needing to rain in order to get it.

How to catch the Caramel Poptick in Bugsnax

The Caramel Poptick only appears when it is raining. You can find the Caramel Poptick location in Flavor Falls’ cave, where you will see Caramel Goop on the floor that informs you that the Poptick will appear during the day, but only when it is raining.

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When it rains, head to the waterfall cave in Flavor Falls. When inside the waterfall cave, follow these steps to catch a Caramel Poptick:

  1. Set a Snak Trap in the pool of water in the cave.
  2. Wait for the Caramel Poptick to jump into the Trap.

The Caramel Poptick behaves like popcorn, meaning that it won’t follow a set pattern that will to catch it. You will therefore have to wait until it bounces into the perimet of your Snak Trak, and when the Trap glows blue, you must quickly activate it to ensure that the Caramel Poptick is trapped.

Once the Caramel Poptick is trapped, it will appear in your Bugsnax catalog. As one of a limited number of weather-based Bugsnax, it’s certainly a rare find, though catching it is easy once you have ensured that it’s raining.

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