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Bugsnax | All Garden Grove Bugsnax list

The Bugsnax Garden Grove location features nine Bugsnax in total, with it being the smallest area on the map as a result. The full Garden Grove list features a number of Bugsnak creatures that are easy to catch, making it one of the first locations to explore for collectors looking to complete their Bugapedia.

All Bugsnax in Garden Grove list

all garden grove bugsnax

Garden Grove is the second location you will venture to in the game’s open-world. You won’t have all the tools to catch each Bugsnak upon arrival, though as you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to the equipment that can help you catch the tricker creatures like the Cobhopper.

Garden Grove Bugapedia list

Here is the full list of Bugsnax that can be found and caught in Garden Grove:

  • Bunger
  • Fryder
  • Shishkabug
  • Sweetiefly
  • Whity Strabby
  • Dr Sodie
  • Weenyworm
  • Cobhopper
  • Crispy Snakpod

Secret Bugsnax in Garden Grove

There are no special Bugsnax to be found in Garden Grove, with it only being home to nine creatures in total. All of these creatures are relatively common, with many being the first form of Bugsnak in a line of variants. For instance, this is the first time the player will come into contact with the Bunger and Fryder, two of the game’s most frequently seen creatures.

However, Garden Grove is also the home to the White Strabby, which isn’t seen anywhere else in the game and is a rare variant of the game’s most recognizable creature, given its appearance in its announcement trailer. The White Strabby can be easily caught by placing a trap in the vegetable patch at the top of the hill, which will add it to your collection.