Is there an Xbox Series X|S BBC iPlayer not launching or installing fix?

While there are plenty of streaming platforms available on the Xbox Series X|S, BBC iPlayer appears to be missing. Fans of the BBC’s own catch-up and on-demand service are confused why they cannot launch, install, or download it onto the new consoles. Fortunately, there isn’t Xbox Series X BBC iPlayer not launching or downloading bug. Here is why there is no BBC iPlayer on Xbox Series X|S at launch.

Is BBC iPlayer on Xbox Series X|S?

Xbox Series X BBC iPlayer not launching

At launch, there are many different streaming platforms already available to use on Xbox Series X|S, but not BBC iPlayer. It seems people are having issues with the Xbox Series X BBC iPlayer app not launching or downloading. This isn’t a bug.

At launch, BBC iPlayer is not available to download on Xbox Series X|S. However, Microsoft has revealed that there will be an Xbox Series X|S update which will roll the app out on to the consoles. As result, BBC iPlayer will be on the way to the next-gen Xbox consoles sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround at present to launch BBC iPlayer on Xbox Series X|S. Fans of the BBC streaming service will need to wait for it to release on the Series X|S. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware that BBC iPlayer is not yet available and is working with the BBC to launch the app on the new Xbox consoles.

BBC iPlayer should eventually launch on Xbox Series X|S. As of writing, there is no time-frame available, though. Fans can still access the app on the Xbox One generation for the time being. However, as Microsoft is working with the BBC to release the iPlayer app, it should be available to download and use soon enough. Hopefully, everyone can catch up on classics like People Just Do Nothing and keep up-to-date with new series such as His Dark Materials on Xbox Series X|S soon.

While waiting for BBC iPlayer on the new Xbox, time can be spent floating some ping pong balls on the console’s vents, at least. Hopefully, too, issues with signing in to Xbox Live will be sorted before iPlayer releases.