How to fix Xbox Series X|S trim failed error

Uploading gameplay clips online should be easier than ever on the Xbox Series X|S, but an unfortunate “trim failed” error might be stopping players from sharing their best gameplay moments to social media. This is an error that has stopped players from trimming 4K videos on the new Xbox. Knowing how to fix Xbox Series X|S trim failed error will help players to upload their favorite 4K clips online.

Is there an Xbox Series X|S trim failed error fix?

Xbox Series X|S trim failed

Trimming 4K videos on Xbox Series X results in an annoying “trim failed” error for some players. While it doesn’t appear to affect everyone, it is a widespread issue. It is stopping people from sharing clips that they have captured, which, should otherwise be a simple process.

There is no workaround for the Xbox Series X|S trim failed error when trying to trim down 4K clips. Fortunately, though, Microsoft is aware of the problem. According to its known issues help page, Microsoft should be fixing the “trim failed” error in its November console OS update. The fix should be here by the end of November 2020, hopefully.For now, though, the Xbox Series X might not let players trim down 4K video clips.

Fix Xbox Series X|S trim failed error

If the console is repeatedly giving the “trim failed” error, try trimming and sharing clips in 1080p. To trim and share clips in 1080p rather than in 4K, follow these steps:

  1. Settings
  2. Preferences
  3. Capture & share
  4. Game Clip Resolution
  5. 1080p

While the clips won’t look as nice as they would in 4K, at least players will be able to trim and share their gameplay highlights until the Xbox Series X|S trim failed error fix goes live later this month.

Knowing how to capture screenshots and videos on the new Xbox consoles is helpful information, too. It might be best to avoid Minecraft on the Series X|S for now, as well.