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Bugsnax | How to catch Mama Mewon and wee Mewon watermelons

The Bugsnax Mama Mewon and Wee Mewon are two Bugsnak creatures that you won’t be able to catch by wandering Snaktooth Island. Instead, you’ll only be able to find their location after embarking on the ‘Throw Down!’ side-mission for Chandlo. This will see you finally able to complete your Budapedia for Flavor Falls, with the watermelon Bugsnax likely among the final secret entries that will appear on your list, hidden by a black silhouette and a question mark.

How to catch Mama Mewon in Bugsnax

bugsnax how to catch mama mewon

The Mama Mewon is a giant watermelon Bugsnak who appears in Flavor Falls. To catch Mama Mewon, you need to carry out Chandlo’s side-missions until you get to ‘Throw Down!’ where he’ll request that you help him catch a super-strong Bugsnak to help him bulk up.

Mama Mewon watermelon location

Mama Mewon is located in a secret door in Flavor Falls that is only accessible through this side-mission. Chandlo will open the door, leading you to a boss fight with Mama Mewon and her Wee Mewon offspring.

How to beat Mama Mewon boss fight

To defeat and catch Mama Mewon, you must do the following:

  1. Place Snak Trap in front of the rock statues.
    • Several statues of Grumpuses are located around the perimeter of the water. Place your Snak Trap directly in front of them.
  2. Activate the Snak Trap when there is a Wee Mewon inside of it.
    • Catching a Wee Mewon will anger the Mama Mewon, causing it to charge at the  trap.
  3. Use your Snakgrappler.
    • Use the Snakgrappler on the hanging stalactite rocks above the statues after Mama Mewon has crashed into them.

Repeating this process three times will cause Mama Mewon’s watermelon casing to break, at which point Chandlo will help you catch it.

How to catch Wee Mewon in Bugsnax

bugsnax wee mewon

To catch Wee Mewon, you’ll need to act fast. While they’re much easier to catch than Mama Mewon, she will be angered once you’ve tried to activate your Snak Trap, meaning that it can be tricky to secure them.

To catch Wee Mewon, you must do the following:

  1. Place a Snak Trap on the ground.
    • The Snak Trap is listed as one of the Wee Mewon’s ‘Loves,’ meaning that they’ll naturally be drawn to it.
  2. Activate the Snak Trap once the Wee Mewon is inside.
    • You’ll need to be quick, as Mama Mewon will attack the Trap once activated.

If you act fast enough, you’ll catch the Wee Mewon in your Snak Trap. After successfully catching both the Mama Mewon and Wee Mewon watermelon Bugsnax, you will be well on your way to completing your Flavor Falls Bugapedia.