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Bugsnax | How to catch a Pineantula

Filling up the Bugsnax catalog can be difficult when creatures like the Pineantula exist. This pesky Bugsnak burrows into the Simmering Springs sand to hide and won’t come up without some help. Thankfully, another Bugsnak can dig it out. Here’s how to catch a Pineantula in Bugsnax:

How to catch a Pineantula in Bugsnax

How to catch a Pineantula in Bugsnax

To catch Pineantula in Bugsnax, players need to cover the burrowed creature with chocolate gathered from nearby flowers. Fire chocolate using the Sauce Slinger. This will attract a nearby Crapple which will pull the Pineantula out of the ground.

The Pineantula can be caught on the first visit to Simmering Sands. The chocolate flowers can be tricky to spot, as they don’t stand out in the same way as ketchup. Once players have gathered some chocolate for their slingshot, they can then lure the Crapple creature to assist in capturing Pineantula.

Taking a photo of the Pineantula reveals the following hint:

“It burrows into the sand to hide. Perhaps another Bugsnak could dig it out…”

This tip refers to the Crapple which has the following tip:

“This curious Snak likes to dig things out of the sand and bring them to its lair.”

Combine the two hints and it’s pretty easy to work out how to catch Pineantula. This emphasizes the importance of taking photos of every new creature.

Once the Crapple digs up the Pineantula, it’s time for the player to strike. Move in close to spook the Crapple and it will drop the Pineantula for a quick Snak Trap capture.

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