PS5 Queue Internal Server Error | Trouble with the server, error code 500 explained

The PS5 queue is a way to buy the PlayStation 5 direct from Sony, though many are currently experiencing issues with the site while trying to make their order. An internal server error is giving users an error message reading: “We are having trouble with the server. Please try again later.” This message is accompanied by the error code 500. So what does this mean, and is there a way to fix it?

PS5 queue ‘trouble with the server’ explained

ps5 queue

The PS5 queue may let you buy the console directly from Sony, but even its manufacturers have limited stock. Initially, lengthy queue times were causing prospective PlayStation 5 owners to wait for more than an hour in the hopes of ordering the console. Now, the queue seems to have been disabled altogether.

The error code 500 and internal server error indicates that the PS5 queue is currently offline. Those who tried to purchase the console using this method have reported that, after waiting for a lengthy period of time, they were eventually informed that the console was out of stock after trying to make their payment. Some have managed to secure their purchase of the PS5 using this method, though others have been left frustrated.

With the PS5 going out of stock in Sony’s direct queue, it seems that the page has been pulled altogether to prevent other users from experiencing the same disappointment. That, or the page is continuing to deal with high traffic that its servers cannot handle. However, at this time the PS5 is not purchasable directly from Sony, with it also drying up in other online retailers such as Amazon.

As the PS5 is not available to purchase in-store, online retailers are inevitably being hammered with requests to purchase it. However, as various stores continue to be unable to meet the huge demand for the console, it seems that those who were waiting in the PS5 queue aren’t the only ones who will be left without a console today.