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All Godfall SHiFT Codes List | 2020 free items

Since its launch, it has become clear that Godfall Shift Codes are in the game. Activating Shift Codes for the new action-RPG should reward players with new gear and other items. Here’s the lowdown on how to redeem Shift Codes in Godfall and a complete list of Shift Codes in the new PS5 and PC game.

Complete list of Godfall Shift Codes | 2020

Godfall Shift Codes

Players can find Godfall Shift Codes all over the internet. These codes, when activated, should reward players with new gear and other items. At launch, though, there aren’t any Shift Codes to list.

Players should be able to find Shift Codes for Godfall in these places:

When a new Shift Code is released, it will likely be seen in any one of the above sources. Keep checking back on these sites for new Shift Codes as and when they become available.

How to redeem Shift Codes in Godfall

Godfall Shift Codes

Shift Codes can be redeemed either in-game or on the SHiFT website. Follow these steps to redeem Godfall Shift Codes:

  • Create a SHiFT Account
    • Do so on the official SHiFT website (linked above)
    • Click “Create new account”
  • Log in to your SHiFT Account in-game or online
  • Find a Shift Code (look above for active Codes and where to find them)
  • Activate the Shift Code either on the SHiFT website or through Godfall

That’s all there is to Shift Codes in Godfall. As new Shift Codes should be released throughout the game’s life, remember to keep checking back in with the sources linked above. Hopefully, Gearbox is as generous with its Codes in Godfall as it has been in Borderlands.

Take a look at some nice-looking Godfall gameplay here. Hopefully, the PS5 doesn’t get bricked when trying to activate Shift Codes as YouTuber ACG’s reportedly did. For now, too, players should hold off on buying a PS5 SSD expansion.