Godfall gameplay appears to show off the PS5’s visual horsepower

Publisher Gearbox revealed Counterplay Games’ Godfall at The Game Awards yesterday, and now we have our first look at the title’s gameplay. The Godfall gameplay could also be the first publicly revealed PS5 gameplay footage.

A PlayStation LifeStyle interview with Counterplay CEO Keith Lee published after the Godfall reveal includes a short GIF of Godfall gameplay footage. In the footage, we see a heavily-armored, sword-wielding player character take on a hulking, Reinhardt-esque knight. Showcasing the game’s third-person combat, the player character deflects a blow from the knight’s massive maul, only to be grabbed and slammed into the ground. It’s a very brief look at the game, and the GIF compression makes it look a bit muddy, but you can still see make out the game’s beautiful dynamic lighting and complex texture work.

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Neither Lee nor PlayStation Lifestyle specified if the footage shown is on PC or PS5, but considering the publication’s focus on PlayStation and the interview’s brief discussion of the PS5’s hardware capabilities, it’s likely the footage was indeed captured on a PS5. If that’s the case, then this short look at Godfall is, as far as we can tell, the first PS5 gameplay ever revealed to the public.