Gearbox announces Godfall, a medieval ‘looter-slasher’ set for PlayStation 5 and PC

For the Xbox 360, we had Dark Sector. For the PlayStation 4, we had Watch Dogs. Every generation needs a first contender, a single announcement that opens the floodgates and makes new hardware a tangible reality. Tonight at The Game Awards, Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing has made the PlayStation 5 real with the reveal of Godfall, a new action RPG set for release on Sony’s next generation of PlayStation.

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In the reveal trailer shown during the ceremony, a familiar pattern emerges. Three warriors decked out in fantastical armor gather against what seems to be a growing force of evil. Playable either solo or with up to three-player per co-op squad, the developer promises that players can “hunt for loot, don legendary armor sets, and defeat vicious enemies.”

Godfall Creative Director Keith Lee (no relation) told the press in a statement that his game aims to “provide a fresh take on action RPGs by rewarding skill-based offensive gameplay and making every hit matter. Namely, we want to feed into that yearning for the next best piece in your character build, so we plan to provide plenty of loot to players to ensure there’s meaningful impact to gameplay and playstyles.”

Godfall Gearbox PlayStation 5

Huge scale loot games have had a tumultuous few years, to say the least. Ever since Destiny redefined the genre, games like Anthem have directly copied the formula, and others have tried to carve out little pieces of the magic. Just from the first look, it seems like Godfall is also reaching towards that market. Adding melee gameplay into the mix could be a good mixup, but we’ll have to see if they succeed. If nothing else, the cosplay is going to look fantastic at next year’s PAX.

Godfall is aiming for a late-2020 release. It’s a PlayStation 5 console exclusive and will release on PC through the Epic Game Store. Interested players can follow the game on Twitter for further updates.