Nixxes joining PlayStation Studios suggests more PC ports coming

Sony has announced a Nixxes PlayStation Studios purchase, meaning that the veteran tech support studio will be joining the PlayStation family. Unlike other PlayStation Studios acquisitions such as Housemarque, Nixxes has rarely been a PlayStation studio and is best known for creating PC ports — most recently the likes of Marvel’s Avengers and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Could this mean a stronger focus on PS4 or PS5 PC ports such as Days Gone?

What does the Nixxes PlayStation Studios purchase mean for PC gamers?

Nixxes PlayStation Studios

According to the press release, Sony has acquired Nixxes Software to join the group technology side “to provide high quality in-house technical and development capabilities for PlayStation Studios.” While it doesn’t specifically mention PC development, Nixxes has been around for over twenty years and has worked on a grand total of three PlayStation ports in that time. The studio is primarily known for specializing in developing PC ports, almost entirely for Square Enix/Eidos games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

It certainly doesn’t seem much of a leap to suggest that Nixxes will be helping Sony bring more PS4 and PS5 games to PC, after the success of the PC ports of both Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. PC ports are what the team specializes in, and both of those games suffered from some pretty horrendous issues when they launched on PC. Horizon had low frame-rate and severe lagging problems, and Days Gone had mouse control problems and an annoying black screen bug, for just a few examples. With any luck, Nixxes will help bring Bloodborne and Uncharted to PC, and not just via PlayStation Now.

In Sony rumor news, now that Returnal’s Housemarque has been purchased it looks likely that Demon’s Souls PS5 remaster studio Bluepoint will be next. Other rumors include the idea that GTA 6 won’t be out until 2025, and a new Silent Hill game could be on the way from The Medium’s Bloober Team.